Sophie Foden-Pattinson is a London based Photographer.  She holds a first class BA Honours in Photography from Manchester School of Art.


Most recently she has been awarded The RedEye Prize at her Degree show, Sophie is currently being mentored by RedEye, a Manchester based photography network.


In 2016 Sophie had her first international group show in China at Pingyao International Photography Festival.


Her art seeks to explore the complex relationship between the sub conscious and seek to reveal the transitional moment when experiences become conscious understandings.


Sophie is driven by the idea of making immersive art through a relationship with the theatre, helping to convey the concept of immersive experiences. Her images suggest shared experiences, that vary due to personal social cognition. She uses unfamiliar elements to lure the viewer in and away from the comforts of their surroundings.


Her images draw on relationships established whilst viewing the image and the experience gained during the viewing processes, through her chosen subject portraying intimate moments of discomfort and fear due to the predefined relationship with the night. Her work recognises the impact of cognitive experiences has over the viewer and uses this idea to reveal elements of spaces that are masked by the night.  Which are perceived to lie dormant until day breaks.


b. 1992 | London, England

e. Manchester School of Art


l. Sophie Foden-Pattinson



– Exhibitions


STEM - Hoxton Arches, London E2, July 16

Manchester School of Art Degree Show - Manchester M15, June 16

PRE - Goodstock, Manchester M1, March 16

ARDENT - Goodstock, Manchester M1, May 15

The Waiting Room, Hatton Garden, London EC1N, January 15